divya stretegic planning project2

Deliverable A: Create Enterprise Application Plan that look out 3-Years and aligns with the 3-year Business Strategic Plan you created earlier in Project 1 and specific attributes outlined in your Business Process/Application Matrix and BRODE strategies. Enterprise applications could include but not limited to ERP, SCM, CRM, KMS, DSS, etc.

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divya stretegic planning project2
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  • Also in this section, define and integrate a mobile application strategy component into your 3-year technology plan and ensuring alignment with business ecosystem; and specifically how it will enable process automation and mobility capabilities in the various functional ares of the business.

attached the project 1 doc.

guideline:Deliverable A (30 Points) – Applications Plan Long Range Plan (20 Points): Now create the next 3 year view of BP and EAPs that takes into account the strategy developed earlier (i.e. align with your business strategic plan) Your initial number of BPs may stay the same, increase due to new business activities, or reduce due to house cleaning (your choice). Also, most EAPs are currently available as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) packages. Evaluate and select some ERPs in terms of the BPs they automate. Your analysis should be shown as an Application Matrix (BPs as rows and ERPs as columns). This matrix, an expansion of the one developed in Project1, should show which ERP packages (indicate the actual commercial packages, e.g., Peoplesoft HR) cover what BPs. For ERP package, give one-two line description showing type of application (e.g., Transaction Processing, Decision Support, Executive Support Systems,,,), and how specifically it will help the company (cost reduction, increase in sale, efficient operation, other). Remember that not all BPs have to be automated. Automation increases cost (do a rough cost-benefit analysis of any 5 BPs to get an idea). Mobile App Strategy (10 Points): You attended a conference on Mobile Apps that claimed “ Mobile Apps Can Do Everything”. To prove this claim right or wrong, redraw your Long Range Planning Matrix but use Mobile Apps from Android, IPhone or other suppliers to determine if you can support your entirebusiness with Mobile Apps. Give your conclusions in two sentences (max).