100 words reply 2

In my written assignment, week 1. One of my weaknesses was not clear and concise with providing the background information of the organization’s Indian Health Service (IHS).

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100 words reply 2
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I will build the foundation of my research proposal on the health issue of alcoholism and the sub-part of mental illness, homelessness, and intergenerational trauma. My research question on addiction would have clarity.

I would have clarity on the research method and why this research design is appropriate for this unique study on Native Americans and alcoholism. The research application for this urban population is pivotal and the limitations of previous research studies performed. All questions that may arise in the minds of those who review the proposal anticipated and answered. Any unresolved matter is a weakness in the project and can jeopardize its approval (Leedy & Ormrod, 2016).

A proposal, not cluttered with extraneous and irrelevant material. Whatever does not contribute directly to the delineation of the problem and its solution omitted (Leedy & Ormrod, 2016).

The main concern I have in my research proposal is producing clear and concise information understanding in reading my paper. I added more details in areas that need to have clarity for the reader to understand.


Leedy, P.D. & Ormrod, J.E. (2016). Practical research: Planning and design (11th ed.). Retrieved from https://redshelf.com (Links to an external site.)