executive memo 5

Think that you are on that time. (Example: The incident happened during April 2014. You can pick a different time like May 2014 for giving the CEO recommendations). You have to give high level of specific at least two unique recommendation, and justify your recommendation why you suggesting this.

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executive memo 5
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Position paper, recommending a specific course of action to the CEO (Imaginary CEO) and justifying your recommendations. Don’t make too many recommendations (may be 2-3) Make your recommendations justified. Why you are giving this recommendation based on what problems from the case. Be straight on your point, and use simple active sentences. 2 pages, double spaced in an Executive Memo format. Don’t give the recommendations which is already given on the case. I am uploading the full case report of the recommendations which are already in the case, and also given my analyzed paper on the case, and also a executive memo formate

I am uploading the full report of the case “Rana Plaza”. Recommendations that you should not use can be found at the very beginning of the report I uploaded.