i need a detailed professional response

I need a one paragraph response to the following -just thanking her for her review. Short and sweet.

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i need a detailed professional response
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I enjoyed reading your post which has some commonalities with my topic. Homelessness is also a source of poverty, so I’m also going research about and I believe it would be interesting for me to look at your findings and some of the materials you will use. Homeless people face a lot challenges and their situations generally expose them to health issues, safety concerns and unemployment which is a source of poverty. Homeless people have ended up on the streets for various reasons and I think those reasons need to be discovered.

Your topic is fascinating and deserves to be investigated as many nonprofits are involved into activities in an effort to curb homelessness or help the homeless people meet their basic necessities, secure food or secure transitioning housing generally referred to as shelter or clothing. Tremendous resources are made available to address this issue but for some reasons millions are still out on the streets without a roof on their heads and the causes of homelessness are also various. I will be interested in reading your recommendations as to how to effectively deal with this issue.