discussion 3366

Task 1

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discussion 3366
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We have covered four of the five states of the process.

  • Problem
  • Collect Data
  • Clean Data
  • Analyze Data

Create a fictional scenario in a work setting. Describe the scenario, the problem you need to solve, and what data you need to collect. Based on the problem and the data you collect, what statistical analysis method is best suited to find the solution? Why?

Remember to list all references that you use and cite any reference that you list.

Note : your answer must be 1000 words and add at-least 3 references.

Task 2


Kirk (2016) does not discuss specifics regarding statistical assumptions.

  • Provide at least 2 examples of specific statistical tools (examples include t-test, ANOVA, or linear regression)
  • Describe the assumptions associated with each of the tools and what the assumptions mean in your own words
  • What can the test tell you about your data? (examples include strength of a linear relationship or predict an outcome)
  • Explain each field in the output of each of the tools, as it would appear in R.
  • How can the data be misinterpreted? Explain.

Do not list the same tools as your peers. Provide references. Do not just regurgitate your references, offer insight and support your interpretations with evidence from references.

Note : your answer must be 500 words and add at-least 3 references.

Task 3


UC Plagiarism Pledge

Please review the following steps:

1) Review Plagiarism tutorial: the tutorial can be found at https://www.powtoon.com/c/fk7fUaMMf8z/1/m

2) Complete quiz: The quiz can be found here: https://ucumberlands.libwizard.com/f/plagiarism

3) Sign and submit plagiarism pledge: The attached pledge must be signed and submitted before any written activities will be accepted for credit. Please review the attached document, sign and upload for instructor review.

4) Additional graduate writing information can be found at https://ucumberlands.libguides.com/research/graduate

Note : your answer must be 500 words and add at-least 3 references. Please refer below attached document.