writing the grant part 2 methodology and evaluation plans

For this Assignment:

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writing the grant part 2 methodology and evaluation plans
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Review the Final Project Guidelines provided in this module’s Learning Resources.

Carefully review your Gitlin & Lyons text, the University of Wisconsin-Extension resource, and the Community Tool Box resource as well as other Learning Resources that focus on methodology and evaluation. You may also find additional online information from reputable grant-related organizations, such as Foundation Center and individual private funders.

Remember that this content must demonstrate that it addresses funder interests as well as the grantee perspective.

In 3–5 pages, provide your Methodology and Evaluation Plans.

In developing the methodology for your project, keep these thoughts in mind:

A project should undertake only activities that will move it toward the objectives.

If any activities are not necessary for reaching the objectives, do not include them in the proposal.

The methodology includes the day-to-day, week-to-week, and/or month-to-month activities that will be carried out during the project period.