ethics of soul theory application project

Ethics of the Soul—Theory Application Project

During Weeks 2‒4 you will complete three collaborative projects with your Book Study Group members. Use a communication tool to connect with team members on these collaborations (e.g., email, Blackboard Collaborate, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Team, Skype, and so on).

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ethics of soul theory application project
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Consider coordinating your team’s working time to prepare for the Week 5 Expert Group Book Synthesis Summary PowerPoint posting.

This week’s collaborative project is the Ethics of the Soul—Theory Application Project. Before starting this collaborative activity, read Karin Klenke’s (2007) Authentic Leadership: A Self, Leader, and Spiritual Identity Perspective. For this theory application assignment, you will develop the following components:

Theory Application Components:

Develop the following components and discuss with your group. You may find it beneficial to discuss, then construct the components, then discuss again, using multiple communications or conversations.

  1. Develop a synthesizing definition of Klenke’s authentic leadership model.
  2. Identify two persons from the course materials or your personal research who can be associated (positively or negatively) with Klenke’s theoretical constructs.
  3. Discuss and justify your selections in conversation with group members.
  4. Write-up a brief summary of your discussion and justifications for selection of these individuals’ being associated with Klenke’s theoretical constructs.
  5. Discuss how you could pursue a social science investigation of a phenomenon related to one of these individuals, using one of the two future research avenues that Klenke describes (these are listed on the project template, Letter D).

Each group member will post their Ethics of the Soul—Theory Application template separately for grading on Friday.

The Weeks 2–4 collaboration will be evaluated this week. Each group member will submit the peer and self-evaluation forms for the collaboration assessment.

Click here for information on course rubrics.


Klenke, K. (2007). Authentic leadership: A self, leader, and spiritual identity perspective. International Journal of Leadership Studies, 13(1), 68‒97. Retrieved from…