dissertation last semester

This mushes into the assignment for last semester and just roles into one another. I need a Bullet Point Outline of Key Elements of the Study. Please see the details below. I added the last assignment submitted from last semester to help aid the assignment. More to come.

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dissertation last semester
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Develop and submit a Bullet Point Outline of Key Elements of the Study to include citations where called for as well as references. This assignment is a thinking assignment and will take some time to get it right. The payoff is that every minute you spend here getting your foundation right will reward you by saving hours of rewriting and blocked paths going forward!

  • General Problem – One sentence describing the overarching Business Problem with multiple citations that support the existence of the problem
  • Specific Problem – One sentence describing a narrowly focused organization(s) / region(s) / etc. being studied in order to provide insight into the general problem
  • Purpose Statement – One sentence indicating how the research will study the specific problem and by extension the general problem.
  • Research Questions – What questions need to be answered in order to accomplish the purpose of the research.
  • Nature of the Study – What research method and design is most appropriate and why is it the most appropriate to address the research questions supported by at least one citation for the chosen method and one for chosen design. The availability of existing survey tools or numerical archival data that can address research questions is a significant factor in choosing a quantitative method and should be carefully considered.
  • Hypotheses (if quantitative) – Specific testable statements that can be measured with a quantitative analytical tool that address specific research questions.

Remember the requirement that each element must flow from and align with the previous elements logically. You are not writing a narrative here, just sentences with citations where appropriate that provide the core of information you are trying to convey. Keep in mind that multiple citations are going to be necessary to establish the existence of the general problem being studied. Find them now and save yourself a dramatic future revision!

This is your first task in completing your dissertation and you can submit this on your own schedule. Keep in mind that you cannot submit future tasks until all previous tasks have been successfully completed, reviewed, and edited if necessary. Please email your dissertation chair when you have submitted this assignment.