discussion bored questions 14

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discussion bored questions 14
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Hazardous Materials and Industrial Safety

Week 1 – Introduction, Overview and Background

Introduction, Overview, Background, Hazardous Materials Management Sytem, Health and Safety Issues, Incident Command System “review”, Overview of the “Eight Step Process”

1. Begin reading Noll chapters 1 through 5

2. Begin reading Bevelacqua Chapters 1 and 2

3. Begin reading Henry Appendices A through E, pgs 51-76

4. Research 29 CFR 1910.119 (Process Safety of Highly Hazardous Chemicals).

5. Research and review Executive Order 13650; also EPA’s RMP project

Discussion Bored Questions

WEEK 1: Overview; HazMat Management System; Health and Safety; ICS; Eight Step Process

1. Research and discuss the origin of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), its mission and agency vision. Differentiate the enforcement and compliance assistance elements of the Agency.

2. Research and discuss the origin of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), its mission, and agency vision. Define its jurisdictional authority and enforcement elements.

3. Review Executive Order 13650. List and discuss 3 highlights of the executive order focusing on community/environmental health and safety. In addition, discuss Federal government collaboration, integration, and compliance and outreach efforts.

4. Research and review 29 CFR 1910.119, Process Safety of Highly Hazardous Chemicals. Define and discuss its origin, purpose, scope, and goals of the standard.

NOTE: Please cite your references in your DB responses.

– APA Style

– Kindly, answer all discussion questions clearly and completely.