beyond text

So far in this class, we have analyzed and written about a lot of text/word based works. Now, use all of your analysis skills to analyze something outside of the normal “text” situation. For example, you might choose to look at a famous piece of art, listen to a famous speech, or even look at comics.

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beyond text
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1. Find something available on the internet or upload a picture or your own artwork or photography.

2. In your post, explain the “item” and provide the link or image.

3. Analyze the “item” using key terms from the semester and your own analytical thinking skills. For example, you might refer to analysis terms from the “Topic, Angle, Purpose” or “Readers, Context, and Rhetorical Situation” chapter.

4. Analyze how the form (speech, painting, comic) enhances the impact of the item (as opposed to simply using basic text to convey information).

Submission: Your response must be a minimum of 250 words.

Grading: This assignment is worth 90 points and based on (1) content and (2) grammar.