write and edit the answers for the following question

1. Teachers A 2011 Gallup poll found that 76% of Americans believe that high achieving high school students should be recruited to become teachers. This poll was based on a random sample of 1002 Americans.

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write and edit the answers for the following question
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a) Find a 90% confidence interval for the proportion of Americans who would agree with this.

b) Interpret your interval in this context.

c) Explain what “90% confidence” means.

d) Do these data refute a pundit ‘s claim that 2/ 3 of Americans believe this statement? Explain

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2. Gambling A city ballot includes a local initiative that would legalize gambling. The issue is hotly contested, and two groups decide to conduct polls to predict the outcome. The local newspaper finds that 53% of 1200 randomly selected voters plan to vote “yes,” while a college Statistics class finds 54% of 450 randomly selected voters in support. Both groups will create 95% confidence intervals.

a) Without finding the confidence intervals, explain which one will have the larger margin of error.

b) Find both confidence intervals.

c) Which group concludes that the outcome is too close to call? Why?

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