man made disasters war genocide famine displacement etc

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man made disasters war genocide famine displacement etc
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Look up the top ten ongoing humanitarian crises around the world. Select one and write your discussion post on that crisis. (If you are an international student, please select a crisis that is happening outside your region. For example if you are from a nation in South America, please do not write about the crisis in Venezuela, etc). Also, please do not write about the Syrian Refugee Crisis

For example:

One of the major ongoing international crises is the humanitarian crisis in Yemen that has been fueled by war, political, economic, and other social upheaval in the region. The focus of the assignment is to bring attention to an ongoing crisis that appears to get little attention in the west but is considered one of the worst humanitarian crisis in our time. We are concerned about the humanitarian issues as it relates to the global health related issues. Read up on current news reports on what is happening in the crisis you selected. For example if you selected the Yemen situation you would:

  1. Discuss in what ways this complex humanitarian crisis is both a local and an international event and your views on how various nations have responded.
  2. Look for a publicly available photo that depicts this disaster/crisis situation. Share the photo and give appropriate credit.
  3. Briefly discuss what you think are the most urgent needs of the residents and citizens of that nation, or the region directly affected
  4. Do you think adequate attention is being paid to this crisis? Why or why not?

To obtain full credit:

Make an original post (250-350 words) that includes the photo, your commentary on the photo, and that addresses the above questions at least 2 scholarly references that includes the citation for the photo. (15 points)

Your original post should be made before the due date so that others have time to read and respond to what you wrote. (1 point)

Respond to at least one post from your classmates. Your response to your peers must be at least 150 words. (4 points)