week 1 discussion forum 1

This week, explain the various responsibilities and services of FEMA when a disaster occurs in the United States. Do some research on past disasters, and describe how FEMA supported the community and disaster efforts. Address 2-3 of the following. 200-300 words

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week 1 discussion forum 1
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  • How did FEMA help people prepare for the disaster?
  • What services did FEMA provide to the community?
  • Who else participated in the disaster relief efforts?
  • How much monetary damage was caused by the disaster? Or, how much did FEMA spend in relief?
  • What was public perception of FEMA and the response they provided?

Provide links to your sources for others to reference.

Support your answer with evidence from the disasters that you researched.

Hello all,

To start off our course we want you to look at a past disaster. Preferably one that you have lived through, or one that took place in your area. However, please feel free to pick any relevant incidents. As you research the disaster think about what resources were made available by the local and federal authorities. Could efforts have been better? How well did the local residents recover from the incident?


for example: