week 1 discussion 60

Both questions are to have 250 words or more each. Each question is suppose to have there own references. Everything must be done in own words.

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week 1 discussion 60
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Question 1:

It is important to know why you are preparing to perform a task, prior to actually beginning the task. Simon Sinek wrote a book, “Start With Why” in which he establishes that those who want to inspire others or want to find someone to inspire them to reach for their very best have to begin with an understanding of the why that drives them.

Please assess “Why” you want to become an educator and explain in detail who or what influenced you to begin this journey.

Question 2:

Read the “Teacher vs. Educator (Links to an external site.)” article and reflect on a school leader who has been influential in your life. Based on the example given in the article, explain why you would categorize that influential school leader as either a teacher or an educator.