article critique assignment post

Assignment #2. Article Critique Assignment. Due by Day 7.

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article critique assignment post
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Here are the instructions posted in the Week 7 forum for the Article Critique Assignment:

Assignment 2: Article Critique

The practice of quantitative research not only involves statistical calculations and formulas but also involves the understanding of statistical techniques related to real-world applications. You might not become a quantitative researcher nor use statistical methods in your profession but as a consumer, citizen, and scholar-practitioner, it will be important for you to become a critical consumer of research, which will empower you to read, interpret, and evaluate the strength of claims made in scholarly material and daily news.

For this Assignment, you will critically evaluate a scholarly article related to repeated measures ANOVA.

To prepare

*Review the Article Critique Assignment Guide in the Walden Library, listed in the Week 2 Learning Resources.

*Search the Walden Library for a quantitative article that applies repeated measures ANOVA.

Write a 2- to 3-page critique of the research you found in the Walden Library that includes responses to the following prompts:

*Why did the authors select repeated measures ANOVA in the research?

*Do you think this test was the most appropriate choice? Why or why not?

*Did the authors display the results in a figure or table?

*Does the results table stand alone? In other words, are you able to interpret the study from it? Why or why not?

Please post question on any element or concept regarding Repeated Measures ANOVA in this forum.