5 7 paragraph essay

Assignment Instructions: Watch one of the 21 videos at the link below. Then, locate a credible and informative article related to one of the two the segments (Wikipedia is not acceptable). Finally, write a five to seven (minimum) paragraphs essay in response to the prompt below.

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5 7 paragraph essay
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Link to videos: Vice on HBO or Vice News Tonight

Essay Prompt: Answer the questions below in one, multi-paragraph essay. Make sure to use

evidence from the video and the article on the topic that you located.

1.What is the central topic or set of related topics of your video? Note both topics covered, then focus on one segment/topic

2.What is the central question or set of questions asked by the narrators/interviewers/creators of the segment you’ve chosen?

3.What is the thesis or central claim of the segment you’ve chosen?

4.What specific visual elements of the segment you’ve contribute to your understanding of the thesis or central claim?

5.What evidence is used by the segment to support its thesis or central claim?

6.Is the segment convincing? Why?

7.Is the segment compelling or interesting? Why?