2 part 1 discussion 2 journal


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2 part 1 discussion 2 journal
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Explain the guidelines Ledford & Gast (2019) suggest for using an A-B-A-B design. Then provide a short discussion of internal and external validity issues for this specific design to include a discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of the design. Finally, identify a hypothetical target behavior (dependent variable) for change and a possible intervention (independent variable). The target behavior should be a behavior you want to increase and the intervention should be some form of reinforcement procedure (i.e., differential reinforcement). Provide a brief scenario and rationale for the behavior change plan. Make sure the behavior identified is measurable and observable.

Journal entry:

The objective of CBA Module B-04 Part 1 and Part 2 was to learn about reversal and withdrawal designs (A-B-A-B) in single case research design (SCRD). For this journal topic you will write a paragraph summarizing how the reversal and withdrawal designs show experimental control and include the concepts of prediction, verification, and replication. Make sure to include the specific criteria for phase changes to include level and trend, and the concept of replication.