watch 7 minute video read short excerpt answer questions

watch 7 minute video read section titled first impressions on the page provided and answer all questions based on video but use book pages as context

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watch 7 minute video read short excerpt answer questions
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Chapter 5 first impressions apply it to yourself

As your text discusses, we judge people all the time, sometimes fairly, sometimes not. Often a judgment of another can affect that person’s opportunities, and create self-fulfilling prophecies.

View the following video.

(1) Why do you think the judges (and the audience) made such initial, negative judgments about this woman? When did their judgment change?

(2)Think about a time that you made a personality judgment about someone that turned out to be wrong. What was the cause of your mistake? How did you find out you were wrong?

(3) Has anyone ever done it to you? How did you let them know they were wrong about you?

Answer all questions

Using contents of chapter 5 answer questions below

Chapter 5 what does your facebook profile say about you? apply it to you

We live in an age where an almost limitless amount of information can be found on anyone, by anyone. Social media is definitely a force in today’s society. What does your profile say about you? What inferences would people make about you? Would your personality be assessed accurately? How would you feel if your potential future employer saw your Facebook (or social media) posts?