need responses for the given post in a apa format each 200 words

I will provide discussion and read and respond to that with proper APA with references in a each discussion with 2 paragraph

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need responses for the given post in a apa format each 200 words
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NH Learning Solutions (2016) stated that “The best companies have a workforce with open channels of communication, that is happy to work with other teams and that understand each division’s importance”. McKeen, J.D., & Smith, H.A (2015) have recommended four ways to improve the effective communication between business and IT. I’m going to discuss them in today’s post below.

1.Make the importance of effective communication visible – To improve the importance of communications skills in a company McKeen et al. (2015) recommends that the business should incorporate communication skills as part of appraisals and also incentivize if needed.

2.Work with HR to develop new skills expectations and roles – The second recommendation is that businesses should create more specific jobs whose titles reflect the nature of the job along with the level of communication skills required.

3.Develop both formal and informal communication skills – Apart from training the employees with formal communication skills such as presenation skills and interpersonal skills, the business also needs to focus on imparting informal skills as well such as lunch-and-learn sessions and self-assessment tools.

4.Focus on Cross-Education – Having cross team education is an essential step towards establishing a strong business-IT communication. Business should learn about the basics of the IT tools and computer education. In some cases, having excel training or any other basic tools that will help the business understand IT better should be learned. Likewise, IT should also put efforts into understanding the business goals and should take necessary steps in improving their business knowledge (NH Learning Solutions, 2016).

5.Spend more time on communication – Lastly, the most important thing I feel a business hosuld be doing is that the higher mangament should spend more time on communication and make continuous efforts on improving the communication between business and IT and identify and remove any obstacles between the both.

I agree with all the recommendations of both the authors except for the first point. I do think incorporating communication skills as part of the appraisal program can lead to not recognizing technically skilled employees. This might in turn lead to discouraging those employees and might even risk in losing some technically strong employees to employees with effective communication.


McKeen, J.D., & Smith, H.A (2015). IT Strategy: Issues and practices (3rd ed.). Pearson

NH Learning Solutions (2016, February 3rd). 3 Ways to Improve Communication Between IT and Other Departments. Retrieved January 22nd, 2020 from

Krishna Tharun


Supraja Ankam

In business, credibility is quite an important building block. In addition, it forms a critical part of the foundation of organizations in terms of the performance of their products. Credibility on its own has an impact on the reputation of businesses. According to McKeen and Smith (2015), credibility refers to the belief that other people can be counted on in doing whatever they point out that they will execute. There are many ways in which this building block which is required for the formation of a strong business-IT relationship is built. Mainly, it constitutes the keeping of arrangement and acting with openness, honesty, integrity as crucial behaviors. Some of the actions which undermine this building block are the lack of timely as well as substantive responses together with failing to meet deadlines.

In creating a strong business-IT relationship, focus groups in several kinds of research have reaffirmed that credibility is very important (McKeen & Smith, 2015). Without credibility in place, there is no way in which organizations and individuals can apply various metrics to determine how strong the business-IT relationship is with this nonexistence of this essential building block. Small things such as these results in the gross undermining of credibility as individuals make critical decisions based on Information Technology’s attention.

It is important for people and organizations to be careful in telling the credibility of processes handled by employees. This is since some think that if a person is competent enough for a particular task, it means that they are credible without knowing that this assumption is not valid at all. To completely eradicate this misleading misconception, organizations and individuals as well should demonstrate competence for others to feel a given person is credible more so in situations characterized by little face-to-face or one-on-one interaction (McKeen & Smith, 2015). As such, this is where there are methods of strengthening credibility which is ensuring frequent and explicit communication, paying attention to the little things that matter, assessing all the business touchpoints and utilizing external cues to credibility.


McKeen, J. D., & Smith, H. A. (2015). IT Strategy. Pearson Education UK.


Vivek Reddy Gurrala

Interpersonal interactions

The building block that I choose to explain is Interpersonal interactions. I think this block provides a strong business-IT relationship. The professionalism has explained with five attributes. They are comportment, preparation, communication skills, judgment, and attitude. All these five components are required and referred to as key dimensions in the success process of IT-business relationships. This could state the ability and capability of an employee. Non-technical communications is a way to understand the needs and responsibilities of the IT business without any communication. It is the ability to recognize the responsibilities by observing the changes in the business units (Hartman, P, 2017)

Social skills are the important soft skills, it is a personal quality in a way well interacting with others. This skill helps to present positively and forms a connection with others. The soft skill makes to start the conversation with somebody new in the office that leads to better relations in the workplace and a happier work environment. It generally helps in connecting better with its coworkers by holding conversations and interacting positively. It could make us feel more comfortable in business situations, and ensure us by making us confident in how to deal with the situations in business more politely and well-mannered ways.

Management of politics and conflict is quite difficult. We can say that politics and its conflicts in the business are the major obstacles in the strong business-IT relationship. But, by understanding the key roles and needs of politics one could achieve to manage the politics and conflicts. It generally requires a knowledge of how politics and conflicts affect the business and how to address those conflicts to create a creative solution is important (Campbell, A, 2019)


Pulles, N. J., & Hartman, P. (2017). Likeability and its effect on outcomes of interpersonal interaction. Industrial marketing management, 66, 56-63.

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