english research paper outline paper 3

This is a follow up homework for the research paper for “a rose for Emily”. Pls use all the sources that u have for me in the annotated bibliography only! no words limit!

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english research paper outline paper 3
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You will now write an outline for Part III of the research paper. The main difference between a typical essay and this paper is that you will use secondary sources as well as primary sources in your body paragraphs. Please use the sample outline below for “The Story of an Hour” as a guide.

State your revised thesis from Part II at the top of your outline.

Each body paragraph should have:

  1. A debatable topic sentence
  2. Primary source quotations with analysis (at least 3 bullets)
  3. Title and Author of Secondary Source, with quotations and analysis (at least 3 bullets)
  4. A transitional sentence

Overall, you will probably have three to five body paragraphs. Remember: all of your body paragraphs should move your examination of your thesis statement forward. Your final essay might not match this outline exactly, but your goal is to provide enough thinking here to support the body paragraphs of your essay.