english question 350

  1. Closely read “Thinking Well.” Do not upload or hand in your annotated text, just read and take notes on it for your own benefit in this exercise.
  2. After reading and annotating Trimble, open your completed Journal 1 assignment that you have already submitted.
  3. Read your journal over carefully. Select a one-paragraph segment as the focus of this exercise, preferably one in which you are expressing your most important ideas/analysis. (NOTE: If you tend to write short paragraphs, like only 3-4 sentences long, then choose a two-paragraph excerpt to use for this exercise instead).
  4. Next, create an MLA-formatted document and insert the following section titles,clearly labeling each:

a. ) I. Original Paragraph(s) and Description:

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english question 350
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b.) II. Revised Paragraph:

c.) III. Reflection:

5. Copy and paste the Journal paragraph(s) you selected under the first section heading: “I. Original Paragraph and Description.”

6. Just below the copied and pasted paragraph, in complete sentences, briefly describe:

a.) The source your paragraph is about (i.e., what text your journal was responding to)

b.) The main idea of your selected paragraph(s) excerpt

c.) A sentence or two about why you think this paragraph needs improving. Be specific.

7. In Trimble’s “Thinking Well,” closely read/review the sections called “The Novice” and “The Veteran.”

8. Next, choose one of the remaining sections in Trimble’s piece (choices are listed below) and use its central idea to evaluate the paragraph you chose earlier:

a.) “Phrase Your Thoughts Clearly”

b.) “Anticipate your Reader’s Responses”

c.) “Some Concluding Thoughts”

9. Then once again, copy and paste that same journal paragraph that needs improvement into the section called, “Revised Paragraph” and now you will perform a rewrite, using Trimble as your guide to revision – specifically, the advice he offers in the section you chose to use.

10. Finally, in the assignment’s third and last section, “Reflection,” do the following, responding in complete sentences to form a thoughtfully composed paragraph:

a.) Explain why you picked this section of Trimble to apply to the revision of your paragraph

b.) Evaluate the quality of the second, now revised paragraph

c.) Explain, using specific examples from both the original and rewritten paragraphs, how applying Trimble’s advice improved the paragraph.


  • Edit, proofread, and save your work as “Exercise 2” (in an acceptable file format)
  • Make sure you followed all directions and included all necessary components.
  • Do NOT create multiple documents to upload. Your work should all be in one continuous document.