amh 2010 2 essay prompts

Some areas that can be focused on the above question include women, families, immigrants, slaves, and labor when addressing social and economic changes.

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amh 2010 2 essay prompts
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  1. Consider the cultural changes that occurred in American society in the mid-nineteenth century that helped shape the identity of the American people. In your overall opinion, what was the most significant change in the mid-nineteenth century culture that developed/impacted the American character and identity and why?

Create a thesis with the following ideas and answer the question. You may draw from many areas including: race, protest, political ideology, women’s rights, labor and work, religion, rights of citizenship, political affiliation, state vs federal authority, military service, etc.

Choose one to focus on when answering prompt question
1. New ideologie(s) (beliefs) that emerged in American life in the mid-nineteenth century.

Event(s) or incident(s) that occurred in American life in the mid-nineteenth century that helped shape the American identity or perceptions of themselves. Be specific. Identify the event(s)/incident(s) and the American response to it.

3. Person(s) who acted as leader(s) in American life in the mid-nineteenth century. These should be people who directly affected their communities (large or small or national) in profound ways–positive or negative. Explain who the person was, his/her background, and their contribution/impact.

  1. Use both primary (documents) and secondary sources (journal articles) to support your thesis.
  2. Use footnotes, Turabian or Chicago style citation
  3. Right hand corner: Name Date Period placed in Header
  4. 12” font, Times New Roman, typed, double-spaced, insert page number after first page
  5. Minimum 4 to 5 pages