assignment 1906

Friday Classwork/Homework 01/24/2020

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assignment 1906
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Good Morning and Happy Friday everyone! Please click on the LINK to read through some tips and suggestions for writing narrative essays. You should look at these guiding questions again if you are still struggling to find a topic. Remember, you should choose one specific event or moment to describe. (Ex. “My Trip to Japan” is too general for this essay assignment…instead consider “Adventure in a Tokyo Public Toilet”…now that’s more focused!

Narrative Essay Assignment

  1. Choose a topic that focuses on an ‘event or moment when…’0
  2. Essay structure
  • Intro: Gives background information, place, people, any information that the reader needs to understand the body paragraphs of the narrative. Must have a thesis statement. After I read the thesis, I should be able to guess what the rest of the essay is about.
  • Body: Must have a minimum of 3 paragraphs. Each paragraph must have a topic sentence. Topic sentences must all support the thesis statement. Body paragraphs must demonstrate a use of transition language.
  • Conclusion: Concludes story. Reflect. What happened after ‘event/moment’ ended, what lesson did you learn from the experience?

3. Essay length: 3-5 paragraphs, MLA Format, double spaced, draft 1 due by 9:00 AM Monday, Jan. 27th.

NOTE: Please upload your essay to your ‘In-class writing’ folder no later than the above mentioned due date to be considered for full credit. NO LATE SUBMISSIONS WILL BE CONSIDERED FOR A GRADE HIGHER THAN ZERO.