illness flyer

Prior to beginning work on this discussion, review the Illness Flyer example.

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Using classroom age group you chose in the Parents Night Out discussion above, create a flyer or poster to share with parents addressing the following standard: There is a clear plan for responding to illness, including how to decide whether a child needs to go home and how families will be notified.

Based on the information in Chapter 6 of the Gadizikowki (2013) text, create a classroom poster relaying the information necessary to let parents know the policy and procedures if a child is sick at school. Use Microsoft Word, Publisher, PowerPoint, or another program of your choice to create this poster.

Be sure your poster includes the following items:

  • All possible symptoms that would warrant a call (including temperature).
  • The amount of time parents are given to pick up their child after they receive a call.
  • A clear plan that will be followed if the parents cannot be reached.
  • How the child will be cared for until pick up.
  • Consequences for parents who are non-compliant.
  • Be sure to include one image to represent the content.

Be creative with your poster, but also be sure to develop your content in a professional classroom manner. Make sure it is organized, colorful, and is easy to follow. As a reminder, this will be distributed to parents and displayed in the classroom, therefore it must be free of grammatical errors. Please see the attached PDF to see an example of this flyer.

Illnesses in the classroom can be a cause for concern for children and parents. When parents receive an email or letter regarding an illness in the classroom they get worried and may panic. There are ways to inform parents about illnesses in a way that helps reduce fear and worry. By providing the facts and stating solutions to the problem parents will feel more control over the situation. Parents who are concerned can be referred to the CDC website so they can read more about the illness.