discussion on the message of the myth

Joseph Campbell is one of the most well known theorists of myths in the past century who gained household recognition in the early 80’s with his PBS series, The Power of Myth. For this module, one of your tasks is to watch episode 2 of the series, “The Message of the Myth.” if you will, think of this as a fancy podcast- after all, it is technically a discussion between Bill Moyer and Joseph Campbell.

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discussion on the message of the myth
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I would like you consider what you find to be interesting and engaging in the video- does it speak to you, even though it has been almost 40 years since this conversation? In what ways is Joseph Campbell’s perspective different than yours? Likewise, what resonances do you see between Campbell’s points and the other theorists we have read in this week’s reading, “Views of Myth and Meaning“? Be sure to quote directly from the text as well as respond to one of your wonderful peers.