complete a financial statement analysis using excel

Part 1: Financial Statement Analysis

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complete a financial statement analysis using excel
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For Part 1 of this Assignment, you will analyze financial statements to gain insight into how feasible your proposal is in light of the current financial health of your organization. To do this:

  • Secure the most recent two or three years of financial statements (Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Statement of Cash Flows) from your current organization, one you are familiar with, or one you research online (for public and many private healthcare organizations those statements are available publicly).
  • Open the lastname_firstname_assn5part1.xlsx workbook you created in the previous assignment, and navigate to the “Financial Statement Analysis” worksheet.
  • Enter the data from your organization (or the one you have researched) to create the Income Statement and Balance Sheet on the “Financial Statement Analysis” worksheet.
  • Using formulas, conduct a horizontal analysis by calculating changes over the periods of time for which you have statements. Conduct your analysis for the following over the 2-3 years for which you have statements:
    • Changes in Revenue
    • Changes in Expenses
    • Changes in NetEarnings
  • Calculate the organization’s Return on Assets (ROA)
  • I will attach the excel spreadsheet that needs once a tutor is chosen