penpal 1 spn1121 discussion

1. Refer back to what you’ve learned in your VHL Central Portales lessons.

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penpal 1 spn1121 discussion
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2. Go to the Pen-Pal 1 Discussion Topic, and post a new thread:

Your pen-pal is coming to visit you and is interested in finding out about your everyday life. Write an e-mail to your pen-pal describing your daily routine, your likes and dislikes. Your email should include at least 4 reflexive verbs and 2 verbs like “gustar”. This post should be at least 6 sentences.

3. Return to the Pen-Pal 1 Discussion Topic after you’ve completed step 2, and post a reply to one of your classmates’ new threads in which you:

Find a classmate’s initial post that does not have any replies yet. Post a question to another classmate about his/her daily routine.

Attention! The initial posting and question should be done by the Thursday of the second week of lesson 7 at 11:59 pm. If a question is not posted below your initial posting by Thursday at 11:59 pm, your instructor will post a question. You will not be able to get credit for the question if it is not posted on time.

4. Return to your initial thread (from step 2) in the Pen-Pal 1 Discussion Topic, and read the question posted to you on your thread by a classmate. Then, post a reply to this question in which you:

Respond to the question of another classmate using full sentence.


This is your friend Larisa. I am excited that you are coming to visit. I normally wake up and make breakfast for the day because I work two jobs. I like to get coffee on my way to both jobs and also like to pick up dinner on my way home. On the weekends, I work my extra job where I sing karaoke. I usually have a great time there because it doesn’t feel like work. I usually usually have to find time in between to work on school so that is challenging for me but looking forward to see you.

See you soon!