project 3 design your professional presence

The public relations assistant at CyberTech, Marianne Weigand, is getting ready to go on maternity leave. A few people in your department are helping to cover her duties while she is out. You run into Marianne in the cafeteria on Monday afternoon. Hey, I was just coming to see if you were in your office. I was wondering if you could help manage the CyberTech corporate LinkedIn page while I’m out? Sure, you reply. What would I need to do? It’s pretty simple. Bob from the public relations office will email you items to post. We also use it for recruiting, so you might get requests from human resources. I’ve never used LinkedIn, but I’m sure I can figure it out. Oh gosh, don’t tell the human resources team. They’re really big on social media networking. But don’t worry. You can practice using LinkedIn by setting up your own profile. You’ll need to have one before I can transfer permission to you to manage our corporate account. OK, I’ll do it this afternoon. I think you’ll like LinkedIn once you get familiar with it. It’s a great way to keep up with people you’ve worked with in the past, too.

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project 3 design your professional presence
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The cybersecurity market is anticipated to exceed $300 billion by 2024 as a result of government and corporate concerns about the rising financial losses attributed to cyberattacks, according to the 2019 Market Study Report on the cybersecurity industry 2018–2024.

The cybersecurity industry remains in a state of growth and continues to be a lucrative field for professionals who are trained in security solutions (MarketWatch, 2019). You have chosen a cybersecurity graduate program and will become more marketable by your education and skills if you choose to work in this field.

In this project, you will create a professional presence on LinkedIn, a professional social media network that is widely used by professionals and employers in most industries. If your profession or personal beliefs prevent you from establishing a LinkedIn site, ask about an alternative to building a live LinkedIn profile. As part of this project, you will research your present or desired industry, create a branding statement, and create or revise an existing LinkedIn profile using what you have learned about the industry and yourself.

There are four steps in this project that will lead you through each deliverable. Most steps of this project should take no more than two hours to complete. Begin by watching the video above, which introduces the project as it might occur in the workplace, and then continue with Step 1: Engage in Analysis and Reflection.

When you submit your project, your work will be evaluated using the competencies listed below. You can use the list below to self-check your work before submission.


MarketWatch. (2019). At 12% CAGR, cybersecurity market size will reach 300 billion USD by 2024. Retrieved from…

Step 1: Engage in Analysis and Reflection

You know your assignment, so here’s where you get started.

  1. For background information, read about the cybersecurity profession and LinkedIn. You may also want to read Professional Use of Social Media and LinkedIn on the Using LinkedIn resource page.
  2. Now, reflect on your career: Where are you right now in your career? Where do you want to be? What are your goals and objectives? What particular positions do you want, and what is your time frame for obtaining them? It’s a good idea to have some steps along the way. For example, you could ask yourself, “Why am I pursuing a degree in cybersecurity?”
  3. Next, answer the question: What’s the market like in your cybersecurity field? Is the demand for employees increasing, decreasing, or remaining steady? Is it better in some areas than others? Use the university’s library to locate journal articles, books, and other sources that will enable you to identify information about your industry. Refer to the Project 2 information on business research.
  4. Finally, think about what the competition is like. Who are the other competitors seeking positions in your cybersecurity field? Who are the primary competitors for employment and upward mobility? Can you identify particular individuals who are your main competition (which will be the case if you are competing internally). How do you compare to the competitors? Look at competitor analysis for guidance.

Next, you will work on your branding statement.

Step 2: Create a Positive Personal Branding Statement

Now that you’ve analyzed the situation, start on your branding statement.

See the resource on branding statements for some tips to create your statement. Draft a personal branding statement of 200 words or less. Edit for clarity and conciseness. It should be error-free as the representation of you.

Next, you will create or revise a LinkedIn page. If you have an issue with this assignment, consult with your instructor.

Step 3: Create or Revise a LinkedIn Page

Use the results from the last step, your branding statement, to help create your LinkedIn profile summary. Employ any aspects of the research and exploration performed in the prior two steps to develop your page. See Using LinkedIn for more information.

Once you have created your LinkedIn page, go through the LinkedIn Checklist available on the LinkedIn site and revise as needed.

Next, you will submit your project.

Step 4: Submit the Deliverables

Once you’ve completed the prior step, submit the following deliverables to the assignment folder:

  • Personal Branding Statement in a Word document
  • URL link to your LinkedIn Profile
  • PDF of your LinkedIn Profile
  • Share your link and summary in the Project 3 discussion area. Talk about your experience with LinkedIn and what you learned.

Submission Notes:

  1. Create a PDF of your LinkedIn profile page by right-clicking and choosing “Print.” When the printer selections come up, select the destination as “Save to PDF” and your profile should save to a PDF document. Submit that document to your assignment folder.
  2. If you revise your existing LinkedIn page, submit a copy of the original LinkedIn page to show a comparison with the newly revised page.