help with discussion questions 10

Please provide answer under the the question. please be clear and to the point…. please include references DO NOT NEED A PAPER

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help with discussion questions 10
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  1. Explain the difference between policies and procedures. Include in your answer who (in general) would create policies and who would create procedures for a company or organization.
  2. Based on your research, provide a (short) policy on an IT topic of your choice.
  3. Discuss Legal Hold. What is it and what are the implications for companies? Research a case where a legal hold was initiated. What was the case, was the legal hold executed appropriately (why or why not) and what was the final outcome?
  4. List and discuss at least four key practices related to maintenance of a policy.
  5. Discuss at least 5 goals of information security. What are the risks (for each) if the goals (you review) are not met.