present a learning plan powerpoint presentation of 18 20 slides

You’ve now had several weeks to demonstrate and fine-tune your conceptual, theoretical, and applied understandings of learning and cognition. Your final project tasks you to put it all together by putting theory into practice. The final project will be a 10-minute presentation of a learning plan on a topic of interest.

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present a learning plan powerpoint presentation of 18 20 slides
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As you prepare your presentation, you are encouraged to apply and adopt components of the strategies and plans that you completed throughout this course. Be sure to make adjustments based on feedback that your instructor provided.

  • Identify a topic of instruction and construct a lesson plan that includes:
    • Learning outcomes, which should include critical thinking and creativity
    • Teaching strategies, which should apply the use of neuroscience, constructivism, and connectivism to address diverse learner needs.
    • Learning activities.
  • Highlight the educational theories and models that will be used to teach the subject matter.
  • Utilize a minimum of four scholarly articles not assigned as part of this course readings.
  • Prepare a presentation of a course design that delivers an optimal learning experience incorporating theory and characteristics of learning, teaching and cognition.
  • The presentation should be a PowerPoint presentation of 18-20 slides. Use course notes to provide the narration to go along with each slide.

Take a look at the “Developing a Topic (Links to an external site.)” from the Writing Center for guidance on narrowing and focusing a topic of interest. Additionally, for assistance and tips on how to develop strong PowerPoint presentations, review the Writing Center’s tutorial, How to Make a PowerPoint Presentation.

Carefully review the Grading Rubric (Links to an external site.) for the criteria that will be used to evaluate your assignment.