examine intercollegiate athletics demographic diversity

During this week’s readings, you have reflected upon the demographic statistics of student-athletes in various athletic departments around the nation. After each chapter in your book, there is an outstanding bibliography of research articles concerning the student-athlete. For this assignment, you are going to develop a research paper examining the demographic profile of today’s collegiate student-athletes.

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examine intercollegiate athletics demographic diversity
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Your paper should address the following:

  • Assess population diversity and the challenges involved in student-athlete retention.
  • Citing specific examples, analyze and compare the various statistics regarding diversity and student-athlete demographics found in your readings and research about today’s collegiate student-athletes.
  • Explain what you believe are the challenges for athletic counselors based on your view of this data.
  • Upon completion of the demographic analysis, utilize the information to plan strategies for counseling and advising the student-athlete. Describe the strategies in your research paper.

Length: 5–7 pages

References: Minimum 3–5 scholarly resources.

Must have a title page, Introduction and conclusion, and all paragraph must have headings in bold.


NCAA Diversity Demographics Database