healthcare ethics discussion hlst 3001

You may use your book or other resources, but you must cite the resource(s) both in-text and a reference list per APA guidelines. Minimum 250 words for initial post. Follow APA GUIDELINES WHEN WRITING. NO Plagiarism, use correct grammar and punctation

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healthcare ethics discussion hlst 3001
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To begin our study of ethics, each of you must first examine yourself. Consider your values on three levels:

  • Personal
  • Societal
  • Health Care Professional

List 5 values for each level. Explain how each is relevant in your life. Compare your values with those of other students. Do you see areas of conflict between your values and those of others? Identify these potential conflicts.

  • Family is an important value to me (I have a husband of 7 years, a two-year-old daughter, and a 4-month-old son. I have always been family oriented however, having babies of my own make me value family that much more.) please include family being a value in the appropriate section