great idea research project

project will consist of a comprehensive PowerPoint presentation on one idea or innovation found in the appendix of Steven Johnson’s Where Good Ideas Come from. Your idea or innovation will be selected during Week 1, from which you will have several assignments that build up to the final presentation. You are expected to do research each week leading up to Week 8. The completed PowerPoint should contain the following:

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great idea research project
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A historical overview of the development of the idea or innovation over time (this should build on your W1 assignment)

A summary of the effects of the idea or innovation on the technology or culture of the time (this should build on your W2 assignment)

Your own attempt at redesigning, improving, extrapolating, or extending the idea or innovation (this should build on your W4 assignment).

An assessment of related technologies and how the idea or innovation may influence them or be influenced by them (this should build on your W6 assignment)

Finally, in line with Week 8, include a brief analysis of any socio-economic-political factors that may have influenced the development or the idea or innovation.

Include visuals throughout your presentation to highlight and provide examples of the content

Your slides must include speaker notes. If you record a video narration instead of recording on the slides, you must upload both your video and the raw PowerPoint file.

You will need to include citations and a reference slide in your presentation.

Your PowerPoint must be narrated. Your narration should build on the points mentioned in your slides.

It is recommended that you either use the built in recording feature of PowerPoint or the online software, Screencast-o-Matic, to record your presentation.

If you need help uploading your recorded video, please review the following handouts. There are a variety of ways to upload video to Blackboard.

oDropbox Directions

oBlackboard Assignment Directions

oYouTube Directions

Do not simply read off your slides. Your slides should contain bulleted summaries of your narration.