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Within the folder Supporting Material, there is a VIDEO, entitled, Failure Lab Stories. They are a series of stories which focus on the ‘behind the scene’ reasons why things simply do not work. Choose 2 and examine them in relation to your own life experience. What ‘muddy” areas or so-called ‘failures” have you experienced in your learning and/or development,? How have you overcome them? What rebuttal mantras (p.58 in Mentalligence) have been beneficial to re-frame negative self-perception? What gets in the way of self-compassion, and what helps facilitate it? Be sure to include a summary of your takeaways from the two failure stories select from the video. Also, include the contributions made by Dr. Neff’s video The space between selfesteem and selfcompassion TedX talk Dr. Kristin Neff

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read and write 56
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Within a 1-2 page narrative, compile your thoughts on “failure”.