what are the scope duration and history of the problem

Clinical Practice Project (CPP) Plan of Action: Module 2

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what are the scope duration and history of the problem
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Assignment Objectives:

  • Students will extend their academic experience into areas of nursing practice interest, working with new ideas, issues, organizations, and individuals.
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to think and act critically and creatively about nursing practice issues and will further develop their analytical and ethical leadership skills necessary to address and help solve these issues.
  • Students will refine the ability to utilize evidence based research and demonstrate proficiency in written and communication skills.

Assignment Instructions:

The best approach to accomplish change must include a thoughtful analysis of the problem. The first step in this analysis is to identify the problem and then answer several questions that are useful in framing the problem:

  • What are the scope, duration, and history of the problem?
  • Who does it affect?
  • What data is available to describe the problem?
  • What are the implications of the problem?
  • How does/will your selected organization support your topic?

In the template below you will answer the questions above, outline your plan of action and discuss a proposed solution. We realize that your plan of action may change as your progress through your project. However, your problem and the framing of the problem will not. Your answers should be based on your experience and supporting evidence. The template below outlines critical parts of developing a plan of action. Be attentive to the instructions and remember you are professional nurses; writing and thought processes should be indicative of scholarly writing.

This week’s assignment is second of five week assignments to complete your Clinical Practice Project (CPP). Each weekly assignment will build upon the last one. It is very important that you follow the directions carefully and review your teachers document/grading rubric for comments so that you can improve each week.

To complete this assignment type in the boxes below, the boxes will expand as you type. Be sure to save your document frequently. Points will be deducted for incomplete work, spelling/grammar errors, lack of thought and use of abbreviations. All content must be in your own words, not directly quoted; however you must provide supportive details by using in text citations (Journal Article references at the end of the form-please see your rubric for an explanation of refereed Journals). This assignment is worth 25 points…be sure your work reflects 25 points.