2202 be 1325 025 intro biomedical engineering

1. What’s your definition of bioengineering/biomedical engineering? Use your own words to describe it.

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2202 be 1325 025 intro biomedical engineering
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2. List 5 biomedical engineering products that were not discussed in class.

3. Why do you choose biomedical engineering? Which subdisciplines are you most interested in and why?

4. If hydrogen bonds are much weaker than covalent bonds, why do you think they are used to hold biomolecules together?

5.What are the four basic types of biomolecules? Draw the basic structure of them.

6. (1) A phosphate buffer system H2PO4 ⇌ HPO42- + H+ is used to create a condition of pH6.3. In this system, which molecule is the acid?

(2) If the equilibrium constant for the acid dissociation is KA and pKA (-log Ka) =7.0, what is the ratio of [HPO42-] to [H2PO4−] in this buffer system? Please show your calculation.