the existence of god 2

Part 1: Preliminary Essay:

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the existence of god 2
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Realize that many religions differ in their conception of the ultimate, and that individuals, even within a single religion, differ more so. Even though the concept of “God” is held by many theologians and philosophers to be beyond human comprehension, we often have some characteristics in mind when we use the term. Describe your understanding of the term “God”. Discuss your core beliefs regarding the existence/non-existence of such a being. Clearly state your current beliefs, discuss what influenced those beliefs, and explain why you think your perspective is correct.

Part 2: Final Essay:

After analyzing arguments for and against the existence of a theistic God, presented by some of the most influential philosophers of religion, how have your views changed, if at all? Outline the characteristics generally included in a theistic conception of God. Then discuss your current beliefs regarding the existence/non-existence of such a being. Most importantly, present arguments for your current position, and responses to objections often raised against this position. Make your case!