sophists and socratic method discussion

In this Discussion Board, you will demonstrate your understanding of the Sophists in three ways:

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sophists and socratic method discussion
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  1. Summarize some of the key ideas of the Sophists.
  2. Identify and draw parallels with professionals in our world today who seem to embody the spirit of the Sophists.
  3. Evaluate the potential value and/or the potential problems with a Sophistic approach to Truth

In this Discussion, students will demonstrate an understanding of the Socratic method and illustrate its importance and relevance in our world today.

Briefly describe the main features and the process of Socratic questioning, and then provide an example of Socratic questioning being employed in the modern world. In other words, after explaining what the Socratic method is, illustrate how it can be used to call into question a belief or practice common in our world today.