reflection essay 68

1. Review the entries to your thought journal.Identify the entries you found most interesting or compelling: article from Fat Girl Sex: The New Year, And A Nastier, New You by Erin White.…

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reflection essay 68
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2. Choose a topic based on one article you feel inspires you to write :You may choose any topic you want and it does not have to be on the topic/subject of the article that inspired you, but the idea for your topic must emanate from that article.

3. Choose two Rhetorical Strategies (Description, Narration, Example, Process, Comparison/Contrast, Classification/Division, Cause/Effect, Definition, or Argumentation) :Go to page 357 of your textbook. Read about the different rhetorical strategies in writing and choose two that you want to incorporate into your essay. Unless you choose ‘Narration’ as one of your strategies your paper should be written in 3rd person. If you choose ‘Narration’ you may write in first person but remember that narration must tell a story. Depending on the strategies you choose, your paper will be informative and/or persuasive. When writing your paper, organize your essay around one central idea. It should be the idea/topic that arose in one of your thought journals. No matter what strategies you choose, find a cohesive way to answer all of the questions below which are applicable to your chosen subject: What is your topic/subject? What is the purpose of the article? How or why did the article you chose inspire you to think of and write about this topic?(This should be mentioned in your 1st paragraph but do not use 1st person unless Narration is a chosen strategy.) Do not try and answer questions that simply do not apply to your topic.

Were you challenged by the article? How so? What are your topic’s controversies or ethical concerns if any? What outside research did you complete on the topic and what were your findings? What are its puzzles? What is the history of your subject? How has it changed over time? Why should the reader care about this subject? Provide quotes and/or examples from the article when applicable.

Note: Reshma’s You People Did This is a good example of an essay with multiple rhetorical approaches.

Your essay should have an introduction, body paragraphs and a conclusion.
• Give specific examples, reasons, and details in addressing the questions above • Write in complete sentences.
• Write well-developed, organized paragraphs with focused topic sentences.
• Use correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, and capitalization

  • Minimum length: at least 2 pages (aim for somewhere between 2-3)
  • Document any outside source you use in MLA format and include Works Cited.
  • Establish a clear thesis/topic statement in your first paragraph
  • Include at least 3 vocabulary words properly incorporated
  • Submit your journal entries online on the same day as your essay.