othoscope assignment actual othoscope needed

This assignment will require you to submit three nursing diagnoses (ND) for a hypothetical patient’s ear problem: a health promotion ND, a risk ND, and either a collaborative ND or an actual ND. You will find the information to do this in Chapter 5 of the textbook. The risk and health promotion and actual NDs are found in Appendix C, and the collaborative ND are found in Appendix D. You may not use the words “normal,” “WNL,” “expected” or other descriptors that mean the same thing when you describe assessment findings–you need to describe exactly what you see rather than referring to it as normal. Points are deducted for each use of these forbidden terms! (Nearly all physical assessment classes have this rule in an effort to help students actually learn to describe the findings!)

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othoscope assignment actual othoscope needed
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Here is an example of a very good, but not 100% perfect, student otoscope