stretching boundaries 1

In general, why do some people or group feel a need to stretch boundaries, while other remain concerned with preserving tradititon? use your answer to this question to analyze characters( Material to used to answer question is Movie Easy rider, Story which is “From city protester to country communes”, story name “A change is gonna come”, and article Burt Constable, Daily Herald, July 20,2019 “moon landing united a nation”

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stretching boundaries 1
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stretch boundaries and which ones resist. More important, why do they believe or act the way they do?

Be creative, especially with your opening. Be clear. Take chances. Your thesis should be insightful, original, but straightforward. Every sentence in your essay should support your thesis. In other words, sharpen your focus. For example, if you assert that people stretch boundaries because they’re bored, ALL your examples should support that thesis.

Don’t summarize. We’ve seen movies. We’ve read work. Dig deeper than summary.

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