good news letter 1


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good news letter 1
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For the Good-news Letter assignment, we will now pretend that you are a communications manager in charge of the new campaign. The campaign seeks to generate excitement for ABC University among potential students by introducing them to the exceptional community of current Spartan students. Upon reviewing hundreds of student blog posts, you have selected a student blog to be featured in a print ad as part of the campaign.

Pretending to be a communications manager, ghostwrite a good-news letter on behalf of your boss and ABC communications director, YY, informing the ABC student, ZZ, that he has been selected to be highlighted in print element of the campaign. It should adhere to the general format and guidelines for business letters, and reflect the good-news organization and messaging.

check attachment for instruction and rubric, be sure to follow the rubric for content of the letter.

Word limit: 400-450 words.