discussion 3365


Historical context: Chapter 2.
Choose a time period 1750 or earlier within the time period of Chapter 2.

  1. In which of Britain’s permanent 13 North American colonies would you wish to live ?
  2. Explain why you picked this colony with enough detail to show you read the text.
  3. Make a connection between what you learned in Chapter 2 to your life today or share a personal perspective on what we learned

If you use information from the assigned videos or the resources in the Module, you need to cite it after the information described ( Example: Video, Middle Colonies).

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discussion 3365
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Check your post for clarity, punctuation, capitalization, spelling before you submit it.


Chapter 2: attached below

Video: https://archive.learner.org/vod/vod_window.html?pid=1379

Prof. Haber’s Comments: attached below