apply assistance options for eating disorders with student athletes

For this task, imagine you are a student-athlete counselor or program director and you have been given the task to develop an athletic service model for your department. You need to develop a flow chart for risk assessment and a management plan for handling eating disorders within an intercollegiate athletic department. Your plan should contain the following fundamentals:

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apply assistance options for eating disorders with student athletes
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  • risk identification
  • examination of the risk
  • a selection of solutions
  • implementation of the solutions
  • the monitoring procedures
  • reviewing the progress
  • alternatives approaches

Construct a flow chart for intervention strategies and then write an essay describing your observation and plan. Be sure to include the following:

  • Information regarding eating disorders for those student-athletes that might have or be at risk for eating disorders
  • Characteristics or symptoms present in a student-athlete with an eating disorder
  • Assistance options for the student-athlete
  • Personnel involved in the prevention and managing process
  • Alternative procedures for when a student-athlete refuses to cooperate

Length: 1 page flow chart; 4–6 page paper

References: Minimum 3–5 scholarly resources.