help with discussion 77

Help with discussion questions provide answer under the question. APA and in references.

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help with discussion 77
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part 1:

After completing this week’s virtual lab, you will be familiar with some of the tools that network administrators can use to verify and troubleshoot network connectivity.

Our discussion question this week is a frequent job interview question at a local software company where I used to work:.

Suppose you are at a workstation on a corporate network, and you can’t connect to a file server on a different subnet to save a document.

How could you troubleshoot the situation? Create your own discussion thread. Think of two or three things you could do to help identify the problem.

There are many possible reasons for a lack of network connectivity. It might be hardware, it might be software, it might be a misconfiguration. It might just be your machine that has lost connectivity, it might be the whole network is down. Read through the other students’ threads and try to come up with some ‘unique’ reasons why you can’t save the document.

For example, perhaps the network card on the file server is old and has malfunctioned. We could replace the NIC (network card) to get things working, but we wouldn’t do this before we had verified the issue was local to this machine.

Respond to this thread and tell me what steps we would take to determine the hardware is bad. We don’t want to start network troubleshooting with a screwdriver!

part 2:

  1. Your company recently experienced a data breach of over 100,000 records. Discuss the expected Legal Hold (of data) that would be necessary. Include which people/roles in the company would be involved in the Legal Hold and what types of electronic data would be expected to be part of a hold.
  2. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of online training (for information management compliance) and in person training.
  3. List and discuss three different reasons employees may violate an information management policy. Provide one or two ways these types of violations can be avoided.
  4. Can employees in the U.S. monitor the use of corporate email and Internet capabilities? Why or why not? What law(s) apply?
  5. What is continuous program improvement? Why is it needed (include at least three reasons)?