what is your earliest memory

For this assignment you will write an essay that will explore factors that affected your development during your early years. This essay should be double-spaced and approximately two pages in length. When writing your essay, consider the following questions:

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what is your earliest memory
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  1. What is your earliest memory?
  2. Where did you grow up?
  3. Who did you live with during these years?
  4. Did you have siblings? If you are an only child, write about your experience as an only child. If you have half siblings, cousins, or stepsiblings, write about those experiences as well.
  5. Discuss birth order, family composition and how all of these relationships and dynamics have affected and continue to affect your development.
  6. Did you attend pre-school or childcare?
  7. What was your favorite toy?
  8. What was your favorite food?
  9. Did you have any non-normative events occur during this time in your life?
  10. What was your fondest memory?