assignment 2 college and wages


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assignment 2 college and wages
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Write 2 paragraphs explaining typical effects of graduating from college and how this may affect our wages. For your first paragraph, consider questions that appear below in 1. For your second paragraph, examine the argument that appears below in 2. Answer the questions following 2.

The following problems are tied to an article in The Washington Post, ‘The Tuition is Too Damn High, Part 2: Why college is still worth it.’

1. Our level of education can drastically affect how much we earn for our whole lives. Whether we have a little school and no degrees or a college degree can make a big difference. Describe how each level of education can impact our wages. Discuss the differences in terms of dollars per year connected to a high school diploma, some college, a two-year-degree, and four-year-degree. Does completing an associate’s degree seem worth it to you? Why? What additional costs do students likely incur by staying in school and earning the degree?

2. Consider the following argument:

If students earn college degrees, they tend to make more money.

Chris earned a college degree.

Mark did not earn a college degree.

Therefore, Chris makes more money than Mark.

Answer each of these questions: Is this argument valid or invalid? Why? What did you consider when determining whether this argument uses proper reasoning?

A Note on Writing Assignments in this Class:

The ultimate purpose of every writing submission is to clearly and correctly explain and apply philosophical material in your own words. When writing your responses, imagine that the reader is not in the class and is entirely unfamiliar with the material. If the only introduction to the topic she has was your paper, would it give her proper understanding of the issues? It is imperative that your submissions are in your own words, using sentences that you could use in conversation. Using someone else’s words, or making slight changes to words from the text or another source, do not prove that you understand this material, so explaining things yourself is vital. Submissions will be evaluated using plagiarism detection software.