pareto chart 4

How does each of these graphs demonstrate the Pareto Principle?

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pareto chart 4
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You email the charts to your manager. She emails back asking “What are these?” Prepare a response to email back to her. (Your answers to the c, d and e should be as if they are paragraphs of the email.

c. In the first paragraph of your response, you describe the purpose of a Pareto chart in this situation and in general what a Pareto chart depicts using the frequency chart for your example. You then describe what is different about the cost chart and why you also ran this one.

d. Compare the information provided by the two graphs, summarize the important conclusions that you think the manager should be aware of in reviewing the charts.

e. Recommend two defect types that you think should have priority for addressing with improvement projects. Discuss why you are recommending these referring to case information as well as potential impact on both the company and customer.

You send your response back to the manager. She stops by your desk to thank you and then asks you to pick one of the defect issues to work on.

f. Describe the approach you will take to better understand the process/further investigate one of the significant defects? Incorporate at least three different tools, other than Pareto charts, that were discussed in the lecture.

g. What are aspects in the case that reflect the traditional costs of quality categories? Discuss.