article review 250

FIND A ARTICLE related to the article provided

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article review 250
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The articles should be substantial –meaning a major story (as opposed to one or two paragraphs). You may use more than one article if you find interesting information but the articles are shorter in length. Use the library’s electronic databases as well as the internet to find current and academically appropriate information. Along with reading the “starter” material mentioned in the introductory paragraph and the material in the textbook surrounding the topic, you should try to use such sources as the, the Business Week, Wall Street Journal, NY Times, Financial Times (of London), or an equally significant business publication as your source for your article. You can access some of these sources through the library’s databases.

you can also use some reputable websites that have international business news like the following:

• (CNBC website section for world news)

• (British Broadcasting Corporation- BBC)

• (Gl obal business websitehosted by Michigan State University)



•A summary of the article, including how the article adds to the information in the textbook

•Your comments about what you learned, what you thought was surprising, what was most interesting, what was most valuable from the article, etC

You can also use a podcast or a video in place of an article, but in either of those cases it must be long enoughto be equivalent to an article (which is hard to do), otherwise it can be part of a combination of an article and a podcast/video on the topic. The podcast or video must also be within the last 5 years

•The written assignment should be at least 2 pages in length, with at least 1/2 page devoted to your

comments. The assignment should be double spaced.

•Use 1 inch margins

•Use a font no larger than Times Roman 12 pt. font.