a guerilla girls b final discussion

A. Sexism in the art world persists, and a group of artists called the Guerrilla Girls is devoted to fighting it. Go to the group’s website and go to view more posters and watch their videos. View several posters on sexism in the art world and in the wider world. Consider: If you were to do a Guerrilla Girls poster, what would it say? What images would it use? You don’t have to make one (although if you’d like to – great! Share it with us). You just have to discuss what you’d put in it. Respond to 2 other students by the end of day.

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a guerilla girls b final discussion
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B. Venture out into the world and take a selfie or if you’d rather not put yourself in it, just photograph the art you discover (be sure you have permission to photograph it if it’s in a gallery or museum) and write about your initial impression of it. Then write a more thorough analysis of the work in the terms we’ve studied over the semester, include the picture and the title and artist who created it and the genre it is from. Think back and compare how you look at art now with how you wrote your very first discussion on a piece of art that effected you. How knowledgeable you are now! Respond to 2 others by end of day on due date.